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Transcribe dream with Google Tilt Brush technologie...

VR is an alternative digital world that defies the laws of physics as in the worlds conceived by our psyche. It defines an alternative and a topos questioning all the visual languages that one can have in the physical world. By drawing this parallel between dreams and VR, in an ironic fashion, I try to question this postulate. The dreams are defining new space and time, a kind of quantum space with no gravity and no duration, what are they becoming when we are traducing them as a VR experience?

May be they are defining a new kind of fluctuative andfugitive urbanities with no ground, no sky, just floating territories in a quantum space...

Valéry Grancher 2019 - 2020

"Dream Topology"

12 000,00 €Prix
  • PC Windows Google Tilt Brush file compressed in ZIP file

  • VR installation 

    The installation is using a VR laptop and Occulus Rift touch gears, sensor and headset and 1 channel video projection :

    The installation uses 1 HD 1080p video projectors so the dimensions vary based on location. 

    You may acquire online the master File, and we will install the piece


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