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The result of VR as a simulation, the still images produced go from sculpture to painting with a 3D perspective effect inside the abstract iconology as the result as a digital painting ... For the project realized in Monochrome Paris, the point is to modelize in the virtual space at scale 1/1 the Piet Mondriaan studio of the Rue du Départ in Paris, and to realize with Google Tilt Brush in situ on this topos a work questioning the Mondriaan neoplasticism. The telescoping of our two visual languages, one initiated on 1917, mine on 2017, will question the legacy of modernist utopia worn by Piet Mondrian at the time of the centenary of Der Stijl.

Project produced with the support of Monochrome Paris and Bertrand Grimont Gallery Paris and achetezdelart.com

Valéry Grancher 2017

"Orb after Piet Mondriaan"

35 000,00 €Prix
  • Unreal.exe application for Windows computer. Compacted in ZIP File

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