"Where is our Mind?"

"Where is our mind?" A public Art Project will be produced for the Aberdeen Art Days during Art Basel Hong Kong on next March 29, 2018! I hope to see you around! Enjoy your stay in Hong Kong by visiting the most dynamic Contemporary Art Places in Hong Kong with over 17 galleries! Français: Un projet d'Art public sera produit pour le Aberdeen Art Days pendant Art Basel à Hong Kong le 29 Mars 2018 prochain! Au plaisir de vous y croiser! Profitez de votre séjour à Hong Kong en visitant le quartier le plus dynamique de Hong Kong dans l'Art Contemporain avec plus de 17 galleries! Valéry Grancher 2018

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Welcome on Snark

I have the pleasure to announce to be part of the crypto community Snark.art You may acquire my work there... Welcome !