"Orb" After Artists


"Orb after artists"
VR Installation, Google Tilt Brush



The point is to make a model in the virtual space a Famous painting by a master from XXth Century on 3D (Or famous movies and series scenes) and then, to realize with Google Tilt Brush in situ on this topos a work questioning the artist (or famous movies and series scenes) subject and energy in it. The telescoping of our two visual languages, one initiated in the 20th century (or the movie or the series one) and mine in 21th, will question the legacy of this artist.

And there is also a kind of irony because the artists (or movies and series scenes) chosen have become also a cliché by being the most plagiarized artist.

And in it, you may find a post-human piece as a virus of the work quoted
On the other hand it allows audiences to engage in a new way with the art of the past

Below the image, you may have a link to the online VR Piece

Valéry Grancher 2018

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